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NCAT Furnace, Original Ignition Method. Select 208v or 240v Version

NCAT Ignition Furnace without Kit - Available in 208 v & 240v Versions

  • Asphalt binder ignition testing is an environmentally friendly and cost effective test method to determine asphalt content of paving mixtures and ensure high quality and economical asphalt product.

  • The ignition method reduces testing time when compared to solvent extraction.

  • A 1,200-1,800g sample of asphalt can be tested in 30-45 minutes with the NCAT Furnace.

  • The unit can accommodate samples up to 5,000g at extended testing times.

  • The method also eliminates the cost of solvent, the secondary cost of solvent disposal and safety concerns when handling solvent in the lab.

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