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Superpave G2 Gyratory Compactor - Non Shear

Pine G2 Gyratory - Superpave Gyratory Compactor 

Number of Gyrations 0—999
Speed of Gyrations 30 ±0.5 gyrations per minute
Compaction Force 200—999 kPa
Angle of Gyration 0.00—1.50° Selectable Internal / External
Mold Dimensions 150 x 250mm and 100 x 250mm, Dia.xH
Specimen Size Height: 0.00—200mm
Communication Port(s) (2) USB ports and RJ45 Ethernet connector
Compaction Modes Number of Gyrations, Height and Locking Point
System Electromechanical
Data Acquisition Gyration Number, Specimen Height, Angle of Gyration, Pressure, and Gyratory Shear (Optional)
Memory Capacity Data for Last 20 Tests
Power Requirements 115V / 50/60Hz, 12 Amp, 1 ph or 230V / 50/60Hz, 6 Amp, 1 ph
Product Dimensions 34.5 x 35.5 x 54in (875 x 900 x 1,375mm), WxDxH
Net Weight 850lb (396kg)
Estimated Shipping Weight 1250.0lb (567.00kg)
  • How often does a machine need calibrated?

    • AASHTO R18 specifies that a gyratory compactor should be verified every 12 months.
    • ASTM D6925-15 Section 6.2 specifies that a gyratory compactor should be calibrated annually or whenever there is reason to doubt the stability of the machine's operation.
    • AASHTO R18 Section specifies that equipment that may be affected by moving it to a new location or environment should be calibrated, standardized, or checked before being placed into service.
    • ASTM D6925-15 Section 6.3 specifies that calibration should be verified after it is moved to a new location.
  • Approx 4 weeks delivery
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