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Type K, 6-inch Penetration Probe

Product image 1Type K, 6-inch Penetration Probe - Rainhart
Product image 2Type K, 6-inch Penetration Probe - Rainhart

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Type K 6" Waterproof Penetration Probe with 48" Stainless Steel Armored Cable.

  • Suitable for use inside lab ovens when checking mix temperatures.

  • Spiral-wound stainless steel armor protects thermocouple wires, even when closed in an oven door.

  • Can also be used for checking chamber temperatures on NCAT furnaces.

  • Each probe is supplied with a depth stop collar attached to it.

  • The collar serves two purposes: (1. It provides a place to hold the probe when inserting/removing it – instead of just pulling on the cable, which causes the wires to break. (2. It provides a way to make certain that the probe is at the correct length when it is inserted into an NCAT ignition furnace chamber when verifying temperatures.

  • If it's to be used to measure water temperatures, do not immerse the probe beyond the connection of the probe and armor sheath on cable.

  • TM-8064

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